A Passing Melody

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A Passing Melody


Release Date: 10/02/2015

Formats: CD

CD includes an illustrated poster featuring art by Jennifer Leatherby.


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Maximum Ames Records is proud to present A Passing Melody, the first ever live album from Christopher the ConqueredA Passing Melody is not a traditional live album. It's a musical self-portrait. An experiment in storytelling. It compiles recordings made on the priceless Salisbury Steinway grand piano before a live audience with a conversation between Christopher, his mother, and his grandmother and other audio recordings to weave a singular and unique listening experience of songs from across Christopher's catalog, as well as never-before released songs, curated by the artist himself and produced by Patrick Tape Fleming (The Poison Control Center, Gloom Balloon).

The album features guest musicians Kyle Gowin on tenor saxophone and Tine Haase Findlay on accompanying vocals. The Salisbury Steinway grand piano is a one-of-kind instrument commissioned by Carl Weeks, whose cosmetics fortune funded both the construction of it and the Salisbury home in Des Moines, Iowa (fashioned as a replica of the King's home in Salisbury, England - learn more here), where the piano is housed. The piano's body is built from panels of 16th century English oak, taken from 500 year-old estates. The wood that lines the walls of the room where A Passing Melody was recorded comes from the same source, making the entire space a uniquely resonant instrument. Additionally, the instrument is an amazing piece of history, as Louis Armstrong was a regular guest at the Salisbury (when we performed in Des Moines, hotels would not grant him a room due to the color of his skin) and was known to play the piano.

Watch the trailer video and listen to a performance captured on the album below.


  1. A Beginning
  2. What's the Name of the Town?
  3. I'll Stop Loving You
  4. I Guess My Heart's Out of Tune Again
  5. If My Problems Mattered
  6. I'm Not That Famous Yet
  7. God Passes By
  8. On My Final Day
  9. I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll
  10. Let's Be Happy
  11. The Greatest Record Ever In The History of Pop Music
Christopher at the Salisbury Steinway before recording 'A Passing Melody'

Christopher at the Salisbury Steinway before recording 'A Passing Melody'