"Impressive" - Consequence of Sound | Feature 1 | Feature 2 | Feature 3

Billboard Magazine Feature 1 | Feature 2 | Feature 3

"Raw, emotional" - Alternative Press on I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll

"Compelling [...] interesting [...] funny" - ABC News on I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll 

"[Christopher the Conquered has] got a buzz going with a sound that is reminiscent of a young Elton John." - Wendy Geller, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Music

"His winning charm is subtle and earnestness; if he has to sing a downbeat ballad rife with wary words straight from the heart, he’s going to do it. But if his piano solos are unconventional and his ponderous lyrics seem coy, it’s often downplayed into the decorous blend of instrumentation." Paste Magazine

“Christopher is both a throwback and an avant-garde musician. His ability to make you love a song even though it seems like it shouldn’t work always makes me smile.” Josh Terzino, 5 Songs with Friends

"[Christopher] harnessed the emotional-spiritual connection between audience and musician prevalent in this setting to elevate the performance of his own powerful tunes." -Audiotree.tv

“Great singing!” - singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith

Giving Up On Rock & Roll: A great record.” - Julien Baker

“At once a bedroom pop number and a soulful piano ballad, [“Too Many Teardrops Away”] showcases Christopher’s husky, emotive vocal timbre to a terrific effect.” - Riff Magazine

“One of Iowa’s most promising exports.”  - Daytrotter.com

On I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll: "There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language for me to adequately recommend this album." - Music. Defined. 

"There is something deeply off about everything that’s happening here and I’m 100% sold." - Brightest Young Things

"Striking [and] epic" - Little Village on I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll

"One of the most underrated musicians in all of music." - Front Row Report

"Every song has a melancholy punch; every song is just plain catchy." - Vice.com


"As Christopher the Conquered, Chris Ford has a remarkable ability to silence any room as soon as he sings the first word. Ford's breathy and passionate vocal delivery make comparisons to Jeff Buckley unavoidable but not entirely accurate. Sure, Ford is young and handsome and sings hauntingly beautiful piano songs, but he eschews all of Buckley's wispy tragic-poet-posing and replaces it with strong, soulful confidence. Even in his lyrics, Ford's personal despair usually cycles into tentative, but sturdy, optimism. Christopher the Conquered will shoot you right in the heart, and then you'll pull yourself up off of the floor and thank him for his good aim." - St. Louis Riverfront Times


"It’s a little like Freddie Mercury singing selections from David Bowie’s Young Americans and the Rocky Horror soundtrack.  And if that doesn’t appeal to you, then I need some time to think about us … because … because I’m not sure I know who you are anymore." - 123 O'Clock 4 O'Clock Rock


"Ford brings such an intense, soulful energy to each performance that even if the nuances in his songs whiff with the audience, he still conveys the emotion and mood with his vocals and facial expressions." - Hear Nebraska (Read feature article here) | Plus another feature here


"[Ford is] never afraid to speak his mind or turn something on it’s head. Writing from the heart is always the best way to go, and on this album Ford does that in spades." Josh Terzino, music-defined.com

"[Christopher the Conquered's] shows are almost therapeutic in their insistence that you too get involved in the song -- it's almost song as process rather than product." - Eleven (The Liner Notes of St. Louis)

“A bizarro-world Randy Newman, Ford is hilarious and sincere, veering close to parody but saving it with heart.” L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal-Star

"Soaring vocals and ear-punching pounds on the piano resulting in melodic yet booming melodies is what you'll find with CTC. His songs are irresistible and an absolute blast of freshness." - Omaha Dispatch


"In a bold and unexpected move, Christopher told me to dump the usual Bio and tell you why I think you should come to the show. Let's see how I do...

One of the joys of attending small shows is the ability to really, truly listen to the music; to absorb the melody and examine the lyrics. You are able to look the artist in the eye and have him/her tell you a story that matters. Christopher the Conquered is built for this kind of intimacy. His personality is infectious and his self-effacing humor is a key component to the songs. At the same time, the message of our place in the world, the value of persistence and the importance of being true to oneself all come through in the most delightful ways.

He is, without a doubt, a quirky guy. But it is the kind of persona that makes art and genius collide into a truly unique voice. The kind of music that you put on around friends so you can introduce them to something worth learning.

And, hey, its finally a show that isn't a guitar!" -J. Schwabe on Christopher's live performance


“There’s just so much talent packed into [The Fate of a Good Man], so much attention and so much care, that it’s almost impossible to not discover something new upon every listen…you’ll see something brilliant and beautiful that has been criminally overlooked.” Max Johnson, KRUI

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