Lyrics and My Weekly Spotify Playlist

My new album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll doesn't come out for a bit, but if you wanna read all the lyrics from it (like, if you're into reading?), you can now, right here on this website, in the Lyrics section.

In other news, I just started a weekly Spotify playlist so I can share the tunes that inspire me and that I dig. I'll update it each week. You can follow that here, and listen below.


For now the playlist is through my personal profile, but if you will please follow the Christopher the Conquered Artist Profile on Spotify (click here), then I will do playlists through there once I get 250 followers! Also, with all the new tunes I am going to release in the next 9 months (like my lil' baby), you'll want to be connected.

By the way, I love reading. I am currently over halfway through the Malcolm X autobiography. It's stunning.



New Live Video and Catching Up On Conquered 4 Life

My sweet friends at Deft filmed a show I did with my band last November, and we just released the second video from that show! It's for the song "On My Final Day", which is on my forthcoming album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll. Enjoy:

Also, I realized I haven't been posting about new episodes of Conquered 4 Life here, which is rude of me. There are 6 episodes now, and we have a logo (designed by the unfathomable Eddie Fieg)! Check it out!

Listen to me talk about my adventures in life and art with my compatriot Chris "The Genie" Biagini (hence the genie's lamp in the logo) at, iTunes, or (new episodes only).


Much Love & Peace Forever - CHRISTOPHER

Upcoming Tour with Gloom Balloon + Getting my Elton John on


Hanging with my man Gloom Balloon today prepping for our upcoming Midwest tour! Dates are below, please come hang and drink with us. We'll have some new songs, plus I'll have my new live album (selling in advance of official release!), new shirts, and maybe some more rad stuff!

5/8 Ames, IA - DG’s Tap House w/ Brooks Strause

5/9 Cedar Falls, IA - The Octopus w/ Rad Rascal 

5/10 Dubuque, IA - Eronel

5/11 Minneapolis, Mn - Honey -w/ Almighty American

5/12 Milwaukee, WI - Bremen Cafe - w/ Lousy Trouts

5/13 Chicago, IL - Fizz- w/ Bienart

5/14 Champaign, IL - TBA

5/15 Iowa City, IA - The Mill w/ Dagmar

5/16 Fairfield, IA - The Arbor w/ Captain Ascender

5/19 Lincoln, NE - Zoo Bar w/ Powerful Science 

5/20 Omaha, NE - The Sydney w/ Bazile Mills

Also, I just dropped a new song that's going to be on my next album. The album and the song are called "I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll". Yahoo! Music thinks it's kinda like Elton John, check out what they say right here, then listen below (and yeah, that's the album cover).

I'm recording the journey of releasing this new album via my new podcast 'Conquered 4 Life', which you can subscribe to on iTunes, listen to on this site, or check out on Soundcloud (most recent episodes only there). Tune in, it's fun! Here, I'll make it easy for you:

I'll leave you with a pic of me in a really blue bathroom near Nardo, Italy. Sometimes you might feel blue but you'll never be as blue as this bathroom. I'm gonna be back for a record-length tour of that country in early 2016. ITALIANS RING ME UP I WANNA HANG WITH YOU.


I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll Debuts on Yahoo! Music, Tour Dates, The Old Record Store Down By The Sea Live Video, Conquered 4 Life Episode 3, and more

Well, I've been talking about it for a while, so I figure it's time to share a song from my new album, which is coming out in the near future, I promise! Listen to the title track above, courtesy of Yahoo! Music.

You can hear me play songs from the album on a little Midwest jaunt I'm doing with Gloom Balloon next month! Tour dates here.

I am also going to be returning to one of my favorite places to play, Kirksville, Missouri, on May 2nd! Check out this video of a new song called "The Old Record Store Down By the Sea", featuring everyone at the show on backup vocals. (More videos on MaximumAmesTV)

Also, I totally talk about my new album a bit in this really nice video featuring the Iowa Artist Fellows of 2014. The crew at Deft did wonderful work on this, and on a music video for my new album (coming soon), and on this Gloom Balloon video, which I'm quite proud of my role in.

Lastly, episode 3 of my new podcast Conquered 4 Life is available now for your listening pleasure! We get pretty serious, but in a way that might be interesting if you like thinking about what the hell music is for! Also, we touch on John Grant, Tom Waits, the relationship between music and alcohol, and a whole lot more. Stream below, or better yet, subscribe on iTunes to get updates and to listen to old episodes.





Conquered 4 Life Episode 2, On TV with Philip Glass, and a Mountain Goats Cover

This week I've got episode 2 of my new podcast "Conquered 4 Life" for you! Genie got quite drunk during the recording of it, but I don't think you'd know if it weren't for the fact that I just told you. 

In Episode 2, we discuss:
-Foster's Beer & Courtney Barnett
-"Blurred Lines" (Are we the hottest bitches in this place?)
-Neckbeards as marketing tools
-What Would Kanye Do?
-Balancing gratitude and ambition
-Genie's addiction to Old Milwaukee
-Harrison Ford rape allegations
-Suicidal tweets
-Is the voice of the people the voice of God?
-The meaning of money for real (Is Christopher evil?)
-Recovering from a shitty show
-Fear of failure and how nobody gives a fuck
-Staring at knives
-Pitchfork's review of Christopher's life
-The work of a critic
-Nickleback, Korn, and My Chemical Romance
-The test pressing!
-Selling a record to a soundguy

ENJOY (and come tell me what you think at any of my upcoming shows):

The songs at the end are "Elevator Operator" from Courtney Barnett's 'Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit' (…-sit-2) and "If I Were Yours" by Karen Meat & The Computer (get it here:…-the-computer).

Check out The Genie's blog:

In other news, I just realized the Iowa Public Television thing I did with Philip Glass last year is now watchable on the internet. I don't say anything interesting about "The 21st Century Concert Experience", but he sure does. Check it:

Last thing for today: I just posted my cover of The Mountain Goats' "1 John 4:16" on this site. Listen here whenever you want. And the video that goes with it is below. What a song! I hope you like it.




Conquered 4 Life Episode 1, SXSW, and a Brooks Strause Cover

Hi, friends! I've started a sort of podcast thing in lieu of blogging about all the shit I have going on.

It's going to maybe be an every-other-week or so "podcast" from me, in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 1, we discuss:
-Failing to repay student loans
-Unhealthy emotional investments
-At least one bad thing about our hero Patrick Tape Fleming
-Papa Roach fraternity paddles
-Elderly person text
-13 year old girlfriends
-What the fuck to do with Spotify
-OCD music collecting
-Reflecting on mistakes and meditating to deal with it all.

Check it out:

The songs at the end are "The Ballad of El Goodo" from Big Star's #1 Record and "All You Ever Wanted" from The Black Keys' Attack & Release.

The track I mention you need to hear is Brothers & Sisters doing "The Times They Are A-Changin'" on an album called Dylan's Gospel.…3772?i=879183800

Check out The Genie's blog: 

If you like it or hate it, come tell me about it at SXSW in Austin, TX next week. I'm playing two shows there! Details here.

Poster by Van Holmgren

Poster by Van Holmgren


On a side note, I also recently posted a cover of the song "That's Why I'm Smiling" by one of my favorite songwriters, Brooks Strause. Listen to it here. There's a lot of my friends playing on that, too, and you can watch us recording the performance below:

You should buy the new reissue of his record Dead Animals on Maximum Ames Records, by the way.





I Lose It with Friends in My Bedroom

My new studio album I'm Giving Up On Rock and Roll (which I promise is going to come out) that I made last year in Memphis has a song on it called "I Lose It". It's about a fella who always loses love whenever he finds it, so he decides to make up his own love in stories in his mind, a love he can never lose. I invited over my band and my friend Anna Gebhardt of Annalibera (who has a killer new album coming out this spring) to help me play it in my bedroom. Graham Gardner shot and edited the video. I hope you like it. If you don't, then you can listen to this song from Annalibera's album, which should take care of that taste in your mouth.




Alicia Keys and Me Medley

I know, you thought for a second that I actually sang with Alicia! No. One day. Maybe. Alicia? You out there?

For now, we can all just settle for a medley I did with my super hot band of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" and my new song "I'm Not That Famous Yet" (which will be on my forthcoming studio album I'm Giving Up On Rock and Roll - I love that word "forthcoming"). That's Drew Selim on drums, Dan Kreipke on bass, and Kyle Gowin on tenor saxophone. This is from a show we did for Iowa Public Radio. Thanks to Phil Maass for engineering, Tony Dehner for being awesome (I owe you a t-shirt, dude), and Al Schares for looking cooler than everyone else in the room! Of course, Mark Simmet killed it on the MC job, the Des Moines Social Club doled out the brews, and DEFT shot this badass video! Oh yeah, I mixed this audio on my laptop. Thanks, Garageband.





Singing Lucinda Williams in Sicily

Hi! I just returned from a month touring the beautiful and curious land of Italy. There are so many things to share from this tour, and I hope to over the coming weeks. But for now I figure I'll start with this video of me singing Lucinda Williams' perfect song "Something About What Happens When We Talk", backed by Gemma Rose Cohen on vocals and Kyle Gowin on tenor saxophone.

We shot this for Rocketta TV (much love to Rocketta for bringing us to Italy in the first place) before a show we did at a club called Glamour in Catania in Sicily. You can watch a full interview we did with RadioLab Catania here, if you like!

Me and the band with Paolo and Simona of Rocketta, who booked a really nice tour for us!

Me and the band with Paolo and Simona of Rocketta, who booked a really nice tour for us!

Will share more soon (lots of pics on Instagram, btw) - happy holidays and peace and love to everyone for eternity!



Song Premiere on Italian Blog + Upcoming Shows Here, There, and Everywhere

My new live album A Passing Melody is now available digitally on pretty much any outlet you can dream up around the world outside the United States (sorry fellow Americans, you have to wait until 2015). But everyone can hear a song from it right now, if you want, thanks to this premiere by Italian blog Loudvision.

Why is Loudvision sharing my music? Probably because I'm playing a ton of shows in Italy starting real soon. And when I get back, I'll be playing a ton of shows around the Midwest. All my dates are my Tour Page. And I'm planning lots more, so check back or let me know if you want me to come play near you!

Photo by Jacob Boll

Photo by Jacob Boll

My friends in The Hudson Branch hung out with me a few weeks ago. They took the nice little picture above of me in my kitchen. We also made a video together. Watch it.

Oh and here's a song I can't stop thinking about:

Peace & Love.