"Mushroom Cloud Blues" and "I Only Call When I'm Lonely" Available Now


Hi, friends!

My two newest songs are out now and available to listen wherever you stream or download music.

They're called "Mushroom Cloud Blues" and "I Only Call When I'm Lonely", and, put simply, they're a duo of songs about treating your lover badly and then wondering why you're all alone when the apocalypse strikes. Fun!

Here are links to some of the main platforms you can listen on:

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The drums (Drew Selim) were recorded in a basement, the bass (H.D. Harmsen) at a dining room table, and the rest (me) in my home studio aka a room in a house.

The songs were mastered by Focus Mastering and released by Grand Phony. Cover art photo by ONErpm Studios.

Many thanks to Grand Phony Music for releasing my new music. Support them (and me) by purchasing a CtC shirt or record from their online store.



P.S. You can watch a live performance of “Mushroom Cloud Blues” here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=429556780939732