New Album Available Now for Pre-Order + Everything Ya Missed

So I know I haven't posted to this blog is over 3 months, and its not because of lack of shit to post about. Since my last post on January 6 I've played shows all over Germany and Italy (well documented on my Instagram), hit up SxSW, and already gotten going back in the States with shows around the MidWest. I've also released an EP (order on iTunes here), and two music videos, one via Consequence of Sound and one via It's a bit much for me to try to recap everything that's gone down in these past 3 months, and you probably don't really care, so I'll stick to what really matters now: my new album.

I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll drops on May 13th. Watch the album trailer below.

You can pre-order now on vinyl or cd on Amazon, digital on iTunes, or the deluxe edition right here on my website.

I also just posted a new episode of my podcast Conquered 4 Life, so if you are interested in the details behind everything that goes into making a record like mine, listen to that! We get deep into the business and all the self-doubt and self-loathing it fosters. Pretty fun. Subscribe on iTunes or listen right here on this site.

PEACE xOxO christopher