New Music Video + Pre-Order My Studio Album + The Mountain Goats Article + Fall Tour Dates + Conquered 4 Life Ep. 9

Lots of rad stuff happening in the last week, starting with the first of five videos for my forthcoming album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll. This one is for the song "What's the Name of the Town?" and my goal was to make at least one video my mom would like, so this one's for her! Watch it below or check out what had to say about it here.


If you haven't seen this yet, I am currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to make a two-minute movie musical to accompany another song from the album. One of the perks is my new studio album, on either vinyl, cd or digital! Also, this counts as an official pre-order so you will get loads of awesome stuff, including a song written personally for you by me. That's right, I'm going to write a song for every single person who pre-orders my album (well, the first 365...if we get more than that I might faint). Also, you can be in the video, or you can get a puppet (puppet face below)! Damn. YES. Please support the campaign here.


We also have a new episode of Conquered 4 Life ready for y'all, you can listen below, or better yet subscribe on iTunes (and please review/rate it positively!), or you can dig into the hardcore shit right here on my website. iTunes is best, though. In this episode, we talk about the immediate effect of the "Ryan Adams bump", which is pretty interesting (well, to me, at least), naming your band, and more! Check it! (Note: this was recorded before all of this Reddit business, we'll discuss that on the next episode.)



Regarding the Reddit thing: Last week, I wrote about how Ryan Adams posted about my music to a bunch of followers, which was very nice of him. Actually, it was incredibly fucking awesome of him. I thought it'd be interesting to quantify the effect of his share, and I just posted the results on Reddit. It kinda blew up, which was supremely unexpected. Check it out here! I will share more about this next week!


Ok - I am going on tour this fall. By myself! Please come be my friend. Here are all my dates from now through that tour, with some more shows to be added soon (links to tickets are here):

  • 8/14 - Cedar Falls, IA - The Octopus

  • 8/15 - Dubuque, IA - The Busted Lift

  • 8/20 - Omaha, NE - The Slowdown

  • 8/21 - Lincoln, NE - Knickerbockers

  • 8/22 - Waterloo, IA - Cedar Valley Pridefest

  • 8/22 - Waterloo, IA - CV PrideFest After Party at The Wedge

  • 9/04 - Minneapolis, MN - 331 Club

  • 9/18 - Indianola, IA - Simpson College

  • 9/19 - Kirksville, MO - Aquadome Presents

  • 9/24 - Winona, MN - Ed's No Name Bar

  • 9/26 - Des Moines, IA - Live Album Release Show at Salisbury Hous

  • 9/29 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Blue Note

  • 9/30 - Denton, TX - J&J's Pizza

  • 10/01 - Austin, TX - Hole In The Wall

  • 10/02 - Lafayette, LA - Artmosphere

  • 10/04 - Nashville, TN - City Winery

  • 10/05 - Athens, GA - Flicker Theatre

  • 10/07 - St. Louis, MO - Foam

  • 10/09 - Secret Show (Stay Tuned!) - Milwaukee, WI

  • 10/10 - Chicago, IL - Tonic Room

  • 10/15 - Columbia, MO - The Bridge


Next up: The Mountain Goats. One of my favorite musical artists. I wrote a very personal article about their album All Hail West Texas for Chicago-based Music. Defined. I'm really proud of it. You should read it.


Ack, so much to share. Here's an update to my weekly Spotify playlist, which starts with "Earth Angel" so you cannot go wrong!!!

Follow the playlist here and follow my artist profile here (that would really help me, by the way). Oh, by the way, thanks to everyone who is following me...we broke 250 so we can verify that shit! More badassery to come soon.