Pre-Order Live Album + Release Show Tickets + Spotify Playlist

I'm so excited to finally begin sharing the first in a series of three releases that will begin this fall and go through early 2016, culminating with my new studio album! This first release an experimental live album, a musical self-portrait, if you will, that brings together recordings of my friends, my family, and songs from across my catalog (including stuff that isn't even on my new studio album) performed live on the priceless Salisbury Steinway grand piano in Des Moines, Iowa. Instead of chatting you up about it, how about you just watch the trailer for the album below and then take a listen to a track. Then you can pre-order here and get tons of awesome extras, as described in the image above!

The Salisbury House will also be hosting a one-night only release show on the piano on Saturday, September 26th. I'll be joined by featured album musicians Kyle Gowin on tenor saxophone and Tina Haase Findlay on accompanying vocals. The room where the concert will take place is built from the same 16th century oak as the piano, so guests will be sitting in a one-of-a-kind resonating instrument of a space! Tickets are very limited, get them here.

Last thing: I updated my weekly Spotify playlist with what's inspiring me this week, listen above and be sure to a) follow the playlist, and b) follow my artist profile! These jams are getting me pumped for 80/35 music festival, which I'll be playing in Des Moines this Saturday. Tickets here.