Race & Rock n Roll on Conquered 4 Life + More Upcoming Shows + Badass Spotify Playlist (You're Welcome) + Snapchat, Yo

Hey, friends!

So first up, we've got a new episode of my podcast Conquered 4 Life for you today. The episode is called "Thanks For All the Great Music, Racism!" I'm really excited to share it with you because it's the first episode in which we've had a guest. Our guest is MarKaus, a Des Moines via Atlanta rapper, who graces us with his very personal perspective on what it means to be an African-American black artist working in music today. We get pretty intimate on some topics, including the sensitivities of interracial relationships and the reality of the divide between cultures and communities that exists in all aspects of society, including the art world. Check it out below, or click here to listen/download and get links to all the stuff we talk about, or better yet, subscribe on iTunes!

In other news, I have a truly great update to my ongoing Spotify Playlist this week. I've made some really beautiful musical discoveries lately, like Kate Tempest and Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (a la Chance the Rapper), and those plus a bunch of raunchy rock and roll, soul, and more are loaded up here. Give it a spin, follow the playlist, follow my artist profile, and let's win the war on shitty living together!

Ok, because I'm sad and lonely, I've just added another social media outlet through which I can pretend to have friends! So add me on Snapchat! It's ConqueredSnaps. I'll post intimate footage of things you may or may not want to see.

And a few reminders and other tidbits: