Live Album Pre-Orders + Special Shows + Fall Tour + Conquered 4 Life Episode 7: "Heather Be Thy Name"

My musical self-portrait/experimental live album A Passing Melody is officially being released on CD and on digital outlets worldwide (Europeans have had it since last November!) on October 2nd via Maximum Ames Records. Pre-orders start on Monday, July 6th and included an illustrated poster with original artwork by fine artist Jennifer Leatherby (check out her portrait of me below!), and exclusive booklet of correspondences between Steinway & Co. and Carl Weeks' estate (who commissioned the construction of the one-of-a-kind Steinway housed in 16th century English oak, the photo above is me right before the show!) from 1929-30, covering issues with construction and failure to pay (hello, Great Depression!), and YOUR portrait done in the style of the album art by Jennifer Leatherby. Yeah, you get your own portrait! You'll send us a pic and she will make it. That's crazy. Come back here or visit on Monday, July 6th to get all the details and to learn more about the release, which features recordings from that priceless piano, interviews with my grandmother, and more. For now, here's a track from the album:

To celebrate the release of the album, we are hosting a ridiculously special show in the room at Salisbury on that amazing piano (by the way, the room and the piano are made of the same wood, so they resonate in unison, it's cool), with the same musicians who recorded on it (Tina Haase Findlay & Kyle Gowin, yo yo!), and special guests We Are the Willows will be opening! Also Jennifer Leatherby will be there doing portraits. Tickets go on sale on Monday, July 6th on the Salisbury's website.

I'm always adding shows, coming up I'll be at 80/35 fest in Des Moines, Iowa, and also in Iowa City with Natalie Prass and Chicago with The Old Ceremony at Fizz. And a fall tour is coming, too! So I'll see ya out there! Shows are here.

I also just posted a new episode of Conquered 4 Life, called "Heather Be Thy Name". You can listen above, or subscribe on iTunes, or listen right here on my website and get all our content links (click here). 

We dig into:
-My new musical self-portrait/experimental live album that comes on October 2nd (pre-orders start on Monday, July 6th and come with an illustrated poster, exclusive booklet of letters, and YOUR portrait done in the style of the album art by Jennifer Leatherby)
-Radiation sickness from evil in the soil 'neath our feet
-Pants OFF Podcast (I can't help myself)
-Even more on Canby and his perceived relation to Maroon 5
-1000 true fans: The secret to why you keep listening to this stupid thing
-Ribald humor
-Tips on chillin' the heck out
-Two great jokes about two bands: The Police and Atreyu

Last thing: I'm trying to get my artist page on Spotify verified, but I need 250 followers! Click here to make it happen. For now I am curating a weekly playlist on my personal profile (click here), but we'll have all sorts of fun playlists on the artist page once we get that locked down!

And hey: #giveup