Lyrics and My Weekly Spotify Playlist

My new album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll doesn't come out for a bit, but if you wanna read all the lyrics from it (like, if you're into reading?), you can now, right here on this website, in the Lyrics section.

In other news, I just started a weekly Spotify playlist so I can share the tunes that inspire me and that I dig. I'll update it each week. You can follow that here, and listen below.


For now the playlist is through my personal profile, but if you will please follow the Christopher the Conquered Artist Profile on Spotify (click here), then I will do playlists through there once I get 250 followers! Also, with all the new tunes I am going to release in the next 9 months (like my lil' baby), you'll want to be connected.

By the way, I love reading. I am currently over halfway through the Malcolm X autobiography. It's stunning.