I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll Debuts on Yahoo! Music, Tour Dates, The Old Record Store Down By The Sea Live Video, Conquered 4 Life Episode 3, and more

Well, I've been talking about it for a while, so I figure it's time to share a song from my new album, which is coming out in the near future, I promise! Listen to the title track above, courtesy of Yahoo! Music.

You can hear me play songs from the album on a little Midwest jaunt I'm doing with Gloom Balloon next month! Tour dates here.

I am also going to be returning to one of my favorite places to play, Kirksville, Missouri, on May 2nd! Check out this video of a new song called "The Old Record Store Down By the Sea", featuring everyone at the show on backup vocals. (More videos on MaximumAmesTV)

Also, I totally talk about my new album a bit in this really nice video featuring the Iowa Artist Fellows of 2014. The crew at Deft did wonderful work on this, and on a music video for my new album (coming soon), and on this Gloom Balloon video, which I'm quite proud of my role in.

Lastly, episode 3 of my new podcast Conquered 4 Life is available now for your listening pleasure! We get pretty serious, but in a way that might be interesting if you like thinking about what the hell music is for! Also, we touch on John Grant, Tom Waits, the relationship between music and alcohol, and a whole lot more. Stream below, or better yet, subscribe on iTunes to get updates and to listen to old episodes.