Conquered 4 Life Episode 2, On TV with Philip Glass, and a Mountain Goats Cover

This week I've got episode 2 of my new podcast "Conquered 4 Life" for you! Genie got quite drunk during the recording of it, but I don't think you'd know if it weren't for the fact that I just told you. 

In Episode 2, we discuss:
-Foster's Beer & Courtney Barnett
-"Blurred Lines" (Are we the hottest bitches in this place?)
-Neckbeards as marketing tools
-What Would Kanye Do?
-Balancing gratitude and ambition
-Genie's addiction to Old Milwaukee
-Harrison Ford rape allegations
-Suicidal tweets
-Is the voice of the people the voice of God?
-The meaning of money for real (Is Christopher evil?)
-Recovering from a shitty show
-Fear of failure and how nobody gives a fuck
-Staring at knives
-Pitchfork's review of Christopher's life
-The work of a critic
-Nickleback, Korn, and My Chemical Romance
-The test pressing!
-Selling a record to a soundguy

ENJOY (and come tell me what you think at any of my upcoming shows):

The songs at the end are "Elevator Operator" from Courtney Barnett's 'Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit' (…-sit-2) and "If I Were Yours" by Karen Meat & The Computer (get it here:…-the-computer).

Check out The Genie's blog:

In other news, I just realized the Iowa Public Television thing I did with Philip Glass last year is now watchable on the internet. I don't say anything interesting about "The 21st Century Concert Experience", but he sure does. Check it:

Last thing for today: I just posted my cover of The Mountain Goats' "1 John 4:16" on this site. Listen here whenever you want. And the video that goes with it is below. What a song! I hope you like it.