Conquered 4 Life Episode 1, SXSW, and a Brooks Strause Cover

Hi, friends! I've started a sort of podcast thing in lieu of blogging about all the shit I have going on.

It's going to maybe be an every-other-week or so "podcast" from me, in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 1, we discuss:
-Failing to repay student loans
-Unhealthy emotional investments
-At least one bad thing about our hero Patrick Tape Fleming
-Papa Roach fraternity paddles
-Elderly person text
-13 year old girlfriends
-What the fuck to do with Spotify
-OCD music collecting
-Reflecting on mistakes and meditating to deal with it all.

Check it out:

The songs at the end are "The Ballad of El Goodo" from Big Star's #1 Record and "All You Ever Wanted" from The Black Keys' Attack & Release.

The track I mention you need to hear is Brothers & Sisters doing "The Times They Are A-Changin'" on an album called Dylan's Gospel.…3772?i=879183800

Check out The Genie's blog: 

If you like it or hate it, come tell me about it at SXSW in Austin, TX next week. I'm playing two shows there! Details here.

Poster by Van Holmgren

Poster by Van Holmgren


On a side note, I also recently posted a cover of the song "That's Why I'm Smiling" by one of my favorite songwriters, Brooks Strause. Listen to it here. There's a lot of my friends playing on that, too, and you can watch us recording the performance below:

You should buy the new reissue of his record Dead Animals on Maximum Ames Records, by the way.