Alicia Keys and Me Medley

I know, you thought for a second that I actually sang with Alicia! No. One day. Maybe. Alicia? You out there?

For now, we can all just settle for a medley I did with my super hot band of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" and my new song "I'm Not That Famous Yet" (which will be on my forthcoming studio album I'm Giving Up On Rock and Roll - I love that word "forthcoming"). That's Drew Selim on drums, Dan Kreipke on bass, and Kyle Gowin on tenor saxophone. This is from a show we did for Iowa Public Radio. Thanks to Phil Maass for engineering, Tony Dehner for being awesome (I owe you a t-shirt, dude), and Al Schares for looking cooler than everyone else in the room! Of course, Mark Simmet killed it on the MC job, the Des Moines Social Club doled out the brews, and DEFT shot this badass video! Oh yeah, I mixed this audio on my laptop. Thanks, Garageband.