Why MR NASTI's new album is seriously "that good"

It's the lyrics. It's the melodies. It's his voice. It's the sounds. I'm talking about the new album from fellow Iowa artist, MR NASTI. It's called Truth Sound. It is a nearly flawless creation of emotional pop, lo-fi imagination realized into hi-fi dance music. The label that represents me and that I help run, Maximum Ames Records, is dropping this masterpiece on vinyl this week, and today's the last chance to pre-order it and get a free bonus album from MR NASTI, which is cool as hell. Order it here, you won't regret it. And listen to a song from it before you read on.

Anyway, I've had the fortune of getting to spend some intimate time with this record before the release (one of the benefits of helping run a label), and I've made no secret of my love of MR NASTI. I covered the opening track "Always Believe" for my Sings... video series last year, with Anna Gebhardt (Annalibera) joining me. She's also a featured guest on this album, along with a bunch of other brilliant musicians and artists. Here's that video:

There are so many amazing lyrics on this album. My favorite might be:

"Are we really anything more than a series of experiences filtered through a formula designed in our childhood guided by education and then converted to wisdom and stored into memories which exist in the wrinkles of a muscle which hides in the safety of our skulls? Is there value in opinions? Is there value in art? Do these songs come from my heart or are they nothing more than a mating call and what does it mean if I don’t know?”

Nicholas (aka MR NASTI) is such a wonderful human and has become a beautiful contributor to the culture and general good vibes of Iowa since he moved here. I strongly urge all of you to listen to his jams and buy his album, because it really is "that good".


Love, Christopher

P.S. I don't myself understand why I'm doing this "that good" thing, so just roll with me, please?