New Song with The Hudson Branch

Photo by Margaret Bienert

Photo by Margaret Bienert

This week I played two shows in Ames, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska with my Chicago buddies The Hudson Branch. It was really fun to hang with those guys - check out their tour dates and go see them! They're really great! They joined me on stage at The Slowdown for a song (see pic above) and also joined me on a new song of mine for a little video we made at my house. This song is called "I'm Not That Famous Yet". It'll be on my new studio and live albums, coming out next year. Check it out:

You'll be able to hear me sing this with Gemma Rose Cohen and Kyle Gowin across the wonderful country of Italy on my impending tour there (November 25-December 21). Dates are here.

Anyway, that's all. Here's a song I'm really loving this week:

Peace & Love!