You’re Gonna Glow in the Dark

CD, 2009

track list:

1) Insane Idiots
2) Rick the American
3) Falcon Cries at Midnight
4) Mother Cholera
5) Ants of Polk County
6) Treasure Catcher
7) I Will Give You a Gun
8) White Man Down
9) Where Did He Go?
10) No Other Light
11) I'll Stop Loving You

"...let it come pouring through your speakers, and you’ll experience one of the most enjoyably off-kilter albums of indie rock you’re likely to find this year...Listening to it is like riding a rollercoaster: There are enough twists and turns to make you scream, but by the time it’s over, you can’t wait to get back on again. Forget about those pasty-faced weenies on the Saddle Creek label — Christopher the Conquered’s joyful noise is the best sound coming out of the Midwest right now."

    -J.Giles writing for

"Just when you thought that all of the indie rock/folk coming out of the Midwest was starting to sound the same, Christopher the Conquered has come along to prove you wrong."

"...many of these tracks feature loud drums, catchy piano arrangements, and very prominent horn work which definitely makes Christopher the Conquered stand out from many of the other acts in the folk/indie rock genre."

"Forget all of the big names in the genre who continue to put out very similar sounding material and orient yourself with Ford’s project as it could become one of your new favorites."

    -C.Dahlberg writing for

"Overall, “You’re Gonna Glow in the Dark” is one of the most exciting local releases of the year, giving listeners of Midwest indie music something to sing and dance along to."
    -R. Dawson writing for

"'Insane Idiots' is a perfect introduction to Christopher the Conquered's new album, ‘You're Gonna Glow in the Dark.’ It's bouncy, catchy, upbeat piano-pop, with horns and an endearingly rough-edged, lo-fi recording style. I also like Chris Ford's expressive vocals here—the dude knows how to sing.”

    -M. Hogan in interview for

I Guess That’s What We’re Dying For...

CD, 2007

track list:

1) I Rise Up
2) And Albin?
3) The Last Joke
4) Heinous Act
5) I Would Stomp
6) Dearest, I Fight For You
7) If My Problems Mattered
8) We Are Not Brothers
9) The Wolf Shall Lie Down
10) Let’s Be Happy!
11) You Can Call Me Friend
12) A Few Trebuchets
13) Where You See the Stars
14) Spiderwebs
15) Lullabye

"This self-released record spins around musical styles like a tiltawhirl and just when you feel like it's spinning off the edge it gets pulled back by another wonderful song with amazing horns and piano.. Pretty fucking amazing for some kid from Des Moines names [named] Chris.. Trust me he Conquered!"

    -P. Fleming of The Poison Control Center

"[Ford is] never afraid to speak his mind or turn something on it’s head. Writing from the heart is always the best way to go, and on this album Ford does that in spades."

- Josh Terzino,

"Christopher the Conquered [...] masterfully creates orchestrated, jazz-infused indie rock without sounding disorganized. The individual pieces flow in and out of each other with an organic vitality." 4/5

- Brennen Gibson, The ReWind

"One of the best things about Christopher the Conquered songs is their duality – how they can go from being serious or on the verge of darkness to making you laugh, sometimes even within the same verse. That quality is very much intact here, right from the beginning."

- Bryon Dudley,

"The new release from Christopher the Conquered is so delightfully weird, you won’t be able to squelch the stupid grin you’ll be wearing as you’re sucked into Chris Ford’s universe."

- Ann Klein,

"With the release of The Fate of a Good Man, Christopher the Conquered and His Black Gold Brass Band have proven that it’s not only possible to profess love, but it can also fuel one hell of an album." 4.25/5

- Jeremy Hoffman,

"Christopher the Conquered and His Black Gold Brass Band lure you into their album The Fate of a Good Man with a musical whisper and secure you with their catchy piano melodies, ridiculously hummable horn lines, addicting breathy vocals, and strong rhythm section.  Each song ranges from being a quiet, intimate conversation with a stripped-down piano and vocals to a bombastic horn-fueled assault–most songs have both.  The point is, if you’re not listening to Christopher the Conquered and his Black Gold Brass Band right now you should stop what you’re doing and start."

- KURE Music

"I wasn’t sure if [The Fate Of A Good Man] could possibly live up to all the hype I had built up for it in my mind and if all the new additions to the band would come across as the traditional Christopher the Conquered I had come to love and revere. […] there was a small chance that this could end up being just a complete bomb. It has happened before with even the best of artists. However, the level of dedication and ability this album and this band posses, well, there was just no way it was going to happen. Talent Trumps All."

-Dave Murphy,

"The Fate of a Good Man is a triumph. [It] features tracks that are efficient: The lyrics lay the framework for each story, then get out of the way and let the music do its thing. The result might be one of the best things you hear this year."

-Chad Taylor,

“There’s just so much talent packed into these eight songs, so much attention and so much care, that it’s almost impossible to not discover something new upon every listen…you’ll see something brilliant and beautiful that has been criminally overlooked.”

-Max Johnson, KRUI

Daytrotter Session

DL, 11/06/2010

track list:

  1. 1)Welcome to Daytrotter

2) Mother Cholera
3) Insane Idiots
4) Where Did He Go?
5) I’ll Stop Loving You

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Daytrotter Session

DL, 08/17/2012

track list:

  1. 1)Welcome to Daytrotter

2) The Truth Is On Its Way
3) 10,000 People
4) Let Us Not Confuse Our Thoughts With Our Beliefs
5) The Fate Of A Good Man

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